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Team schedules are now available for review. Captains, please check your team schedule to ensure your home times are accurate and that there are no court conflicts with other club teams. If there are problems, contact your division director.

A1/A2 Director: Mark Sun
B1 Red/Blue Director: Abraham Koomson
B2 Director: John Ridley
B3 Director: Flois Aranas
C1 Director: Rob Sider
C2 Director: Joe Collins

Divisions A2 and B3 will start March 30; everyone else starts April 6.

Captains should submit rosters and pay team fees. Ensure that everyone has a valid Tennis BC number on their profile or else your roster may be rejected.
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Team Management Tutorial (Mark Sun   Mar 2)

Captains, how do you know who is available to play what matches on your team?  Do you send endless emails out and then keep track of players on paper?  If you are smart, you will make use of tenniscores Team Management Tools.

Using these tools, you can poll your team and ask them to provide their availability for the entire season. Then, at a glance, you can see who is able to make what matches. A few keystrokes later, you can build your line-up and consider different line-ups.

Once you are happy with your line-up, you can send a message out to your team saying who is playing.  Finally, you can print out your scoresheet that you will bring to your match with your line-up all filled in!

To learn more, click on the Forms tab and view the Team Management Tutorial.  The tutorial is an animated show that describes how to use these tools.  It is best seen on a full screen computer, and may not animate on your smart phone.

On-Line Scoring (Mark Sun   Mar 20)

Captains, sometimes entering scores online can be confusing, especially when adding in the 3rd set match tie break scores.

The rule is enter tie break scores in the tie break boxes only when a 6-6 set was actually played.  So 10-point match tie breaks played instead of a 3rd set should have their tie break scores entered as game scores, not in the tie break boxes.

Please take a look at the comments on the Example score sheet under the Forms tab to learn more.


League Contacts

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A1/A2 Director, Coordinator
Mark Sun

Team Points Weeks
Arbutus 0 0/10
Burnaby 0 0/10
Jericho A1 0 0/10
North Shore Winter Club 0 0/10
Stanley Park Rising Sun 0 0/10
VITA 0 0/10
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Apr 6 - Apr 12, 2019

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